Mandaragiri is a picturesque small hillock on the dry stony waste land of Tumkur District. When you drive from Bangalore towards Tumkur in the National Highway 4 (NH4) after approximately 65 km from Bangalore, to your right you will observe, a small round hillock having a white line towards the peak. There you can see an entrance arch in the main road stating the name 'Mandaragiri' and going by this way you can reach to a small village, Panditanahalli. Little distance from this place leads you to the bottom of the hill. Chandranatha Parvatha and much more generally referred as Basadi Betta, is one of the important pilgrim centres for Jains in Karnataka. You can park you vehicles at the bottom of Basadi Betta, and you can see a Mutt nearby. Ensure that to get the keys of the temple from the priest in case he is not coming with you towards top. The white line you observed before is the flight of steps. The hill is smooth and you never feel so tiring. On the way up to the hill you can visit a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. The Brahma temple housing a neat statue of the God whose mount is smeared with sindhoor. Make sure that you visit this temple.