My Tryst with Bengaluru!

by Adil Mistry

Posted on 7th November, 2015

Bengaluru Vidhana Soudha
Image Credit - mbell1975

“Confusion hi confusion hai, solution kuch pata nahi, solution jo mila toh saala question ka kuch pata nahi” – these lines from a song in 3 Idiots was probably written keeping Bangalore in mind. So what’s the confusion?

Well, to begin with, people are divided on what to call the city – Bangalore or Bengaluru? The weather, which is more unpredictable than a woman’s mood swing – will it rain or will it be sunny? The roads – nobody knows which road is one way and where will the next U-turn be. This is just the beginning and I’ll spare you the confusion for now.

Fortunate or unfortunate enough, I have a 3 month assignment in Bangalore, the IT hub of the nation and aptly called so because you’ll find every company from a startup to an MNC/corporate giant over here, which in turn causes yet another confusion – whether there are more locals living in the city or more non-locals? According to my understanding the city is still budding and has a lot more scope in terms of expansion, you will at least find 1 building in each street which is under-construction which shows at what space the city is growing. One of the metropolitans of the nation, the city does not disappoint in terms of transportation, food joints, malls, shopping and nightlife (there’s a catch).

Bengaluru Night Life
Image Credit - ali.akram

If you are a person who likes to spend his weekends in a pub and occasionally roam around in search of food then this is the go-to city for you but if you are the kind of a person who likes to visit places and experience the culture (like me) then you are in for a disappointment. Why is that so? Because people here speak Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and what not? Festivities are pale, city lacks heritage buildings and the more you explore the more you get astounded at the number of malls a city can have.

If it weren’t for google, I would have given up on this city because the drivers don’t know the directions, the same road is spelled in two different spellings (Baiyapanhalli and Byapanhalli both are same) which makes it difficult to search for a place. Coming to the catch part, there are different closing timings for pubs on Fridays/Saturdays and Sundays. The roads are so small that a cow and car cannot simultaneously travel on the same road (come on man, this is India, a cow has to have its walking space in the middle of the road) and hence I feel it’s the primary reason for such horrible traffic in the city.

Bengaluru Traffic Jam
Image Credit - Eirik Refsdal

If you ask a person for places to visit, almost everybody will suggest you places out of the city (Coorg, Hampi, Mysore). Biryani here has a totally different meaning and restaurants often mistake it with Vegetable Pulao (only a Hyderabadi knows the real pain of this). One thing I’ve also learnt from travelling about food is that never expect anything when you are eating North Indian food in South or South Indian food in North (with a few exceptions).

So what’s really in Bangalore you should look forward to – good crowd, great nightlife, abundant malls or pubs for you alcohol frenzy people, people less bothered about your life (probably a typical mom in Bangalore will never say ‘log kya kahenge?’) because sincerely they don’t give a damn.

What’s not really in Bangalore – a specific culture, good places to visit, smart drivers, a definite season, good Biryani.


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