11 Reasons Why Bangalore Is Awesome

by Pratikshit Pandey

Posted on 20th August, 2015

Vidhana Soudha
Image Credit - Aman Manglik

Bangalore, the "Silicon Valley of India" is a melting pot of cultures. Once considered a Pensioner's paradise, it has metamorphosed into a bustling metropolis, with a vibrant night life that blends in with a rich cultural heritage. From a long walk in Cubbon Park to hundreds of cafes, from trails of trees everywhere to the amazing weather, you can’t help falling in love with the city. So, here are 11 reasons why Bangalore is an awesome city.

1. Food

Of all the cities I've lived in, Chennai is the only one which beats Bangalore in this aspect! SoBa (South Bangalore :P) is foodie heaven, which some else might say is true for the rest of the city as well!

Bangalore Food

2. Weather

People say Pune comes a close second to Bangalore in terms of pleasantness of weather. As a friend once said, "Bangalore hit the jackpot when it came to the weather"! Though with the number of cars increasing on the road, don't expect that distinction to last too long for either Bangalore or Pune.

Misty Ulsoor Lake
Misty Morning at Ulsoor Lake
Image Credit - Swaminathan

3. Weekend Getaways

Mysore/Ooty in 3 hours, Bylakuppe (largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet and a massive Golden Temple) in 4 hours, Coorg in 5 hours, Chikmagalur in 6 hours, Hampi in 7 hours, Pondicherry in 7 hours. Don't have a vehicle of your own? No need to sweat it 'coz KSRTC is one of the best state bus services in the country.

Bylakuppe Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Temple at Bylakuppe
Image Credit - Mahesh Balasubramanian

Brahmagiri Peak
Brahmagiri Peak
Image Credit - Samyak Kaninde

4. Connectivity within the city

BMTC buses are awesome. Though the AC service is quite a bit overpriced (rather take an auto or a cab if you're 3 or more people), the city is pretty well connected from one end to the other. The bus service to the airport is especially very frequent and efficient.

BMTC Bangalore
BMTC's Zero Emission Bus
Image Credit - Vadakkus

5. Nature of people

Out of all the millions that live in Bangalore, you'll definitely find atleast a handful of like minded, sane, normal people. If Bombay is lively and energetic, Bangalore not far behind.

Bangalore Comic Con Bangalore Comic Con

6. Things to do

Boating in Ulsoor Lake, Run in the Bengaluru Marathon, attend a Toastmasters session (brilliant, by the way!), participate in a startup-gyan session, talk to rock-climbing enthusiasts in Meetups, trek along with the guys at BANGALORE MOUNTAINEERING CLUB

Ulsoor Lake Boating
Image Credit - Sandeep

Bangalore Marathon
Image Credit - Achintya

7. Cycling

The only city in the country that does any justice to this underrated pleasure! They have an active Google Group as well!

Bangalore Cycling
Cycling Marathon, Bangalore
Image Credit - Sanath Kumar

8. Events

Comic Con, Concerts (Metallica, Bryan Adams, Norah Jones!), Stand-Ups, etc.

Image Credit - Aasif Iqbal J

Bangalore Carlos Santana
Image Credit - Pixel Yatra

9. Music

All major international artists definitely stop over at Bangalore for a performance. Unlike Gurgaon's terribly botched up attempt at hosting Metallica, Bangalore does a much better job of it!

Bangalore Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar in Bangalore
Image Credit - Shrenik

10. Bengaluru FC

They are the symbol of cool in Indian football and you get to be a part of the best set of football fans in the country!

Image Credit - Simplysafi Photography

11. Bookstores

No, am not talking about Crossword and other branded book retailers. MG Road has a number of small time book stores where you get all kinds of literary dope you can think of! Even during the age of e-com, these book stores have managed to carve out a set of loyal customers and readers!

Bangalore Blossom Bookstore
Image Credit - Travelling Pixy

The birds, who are migratory by nature, also tend to stay back coz Bangalore Is Awesomeness Personified!

Bangalore Birds

PS: I have lived in multiple cities in India for more than 3 months atleast. And there are a few more I've seen for a lesser duration. You should definitely try Bangalore once atleast!

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