A Road Trip to Remember - Mussourie to Dhanaulti

by Divyakshi Gupta

Posted on 7th May, 2015

Mussourie Stunning Views

I wake up to the most gorgeous sunrise ever. The silhouettes of the mountains is the first thing I see from my window, layers of hills sprawling against a picturesque landscape.

Mussourie Gorgeous Sunrise

The hills were calling and I couldn't stay holed up inside my hotel room.

I left Mussourie at 7 am and decided to visit Dhanaulti, a small town 25 kms away for a day trip.

Mussourie Pine Trees

As I left Mussorie , the already narrow curvy roads narrowed further. All you can hear is the sound of crickets and the trees rustled by the mountain air as you drive through breathtaking views of the Tehri hills.

Mussourie Tehri Hills

The best time to visit will definitely be winter for the snowfall, but summers aren't bad either. The weather in April- May is beautifully pleasant with gorgeous wildflowers in the valleys!

The drive is nothing short of mesmerising. The alpine forests of Oak, Rhododendron and tall Deodar whiz by as the morning sun shines through them.

Mussourie Winding Roads
Mussourie Road Trip

​Dhanaulti is famous for its orchards.In search of these orchards I landed up at the Apple resort ,a resort 2 kms before Dhanaulti, where apples laden on trees are aplenty!

Mussourie Apple Orchard
Mussourie Apples
Mussourie Apple Tree

It is cloudy and the weather is just perfect to explore the hill station on foot. I enter the Eco-park, a superbly maintained eco property with a variety of flora and a clean walkway.

Mussourie Eco Park
Mussourie Eco Park

Suddenly everything is poetry. The place is silent , serene and comforting. A paradise for nature lovers as you get lost into the labyrinth of deodhar trees.

Mussourie Deodar Trees
Mussourie Deodar Trees

I climb my way to the top of the park and gasp at the view of the terrace farms, the layers of hills and the gorgeous valleys. The only sound I hear now is my own breathing.

Mussourie Terrace Farms

Dhanaulti is quaint and pretty. A not so crowded hill station where you can escape in nature's wilderness.

Mussourie Forest

Things to do include visiting orchards and the Eco park. If you have time You could also trek to the Surkanda Devi Temple or drive right till the Tehri Dam which is 55 Kms away.

During the drive back to Mussourie , the lingering fragrance of the deodhar trees and the stunning visuals of green apples keep flashing before my eyes.

Mussourie Stunning Views

The woods are great company and no one can ever be lonely with them enveloping you.

The mountain roads are curvy and there is an anxiety, a curiosity, an anticipation of what lies at the next bend.

Mussourie Beautiful Roads

The silence is almost gone as I enter Mussorie. It is bustling with tourists, honks of cars and chaos.

But the memories of this drive to remember still linger on. They won't be gone for some time now.

Mussourie Mountains

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