Road Trip from Bangalore to Ladakh

by Prakash

Posted on 2nd Apr, 2015

Hill Village Ladakh

One fine Sunday morning a few months ago, we (Su and me) were doing nothing in general, getting bored, when we decided to do something fun and interesting and after a lot of deliberation, decided to go on a road trip to Leh ! Well, we went, and we're back and reminiscing....about the (almost) month long road trip we had been on...

We drove to Leh from Bangalore in an Innova (super engine, big ground clearance and sips on diesel). We went to Leh via the Bangalore-Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaipur-Delhi-Manali-Keylong-Sarchu-Pang-Leh route, and returned via the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar-Sonmarg-Jammu-Delhi-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Pune-Bangalore route.

Yashpal, Pradeep and Moin (my friends from work) joined us at Delhi, and they biked it from Delhi to Ladakh and back to Delhi.

All round, we covered some 7,300 kms. of the most well surfaced and scenic roads in the country, all thanks to the Golden Quadrilateral project till Delhi and drove on to Leh via some of the most breathtaking and varied (and tough) terrain one can see. It was like driving through a different wallpaper at each turn ! Imagine snow capped peaks, lush green fields, meandering streams feeding a river and a road snaking through all this.

We experienced the diversity in our country, where each day of driving let us interact with different people, speaking different languages, dressing differently and most importantly, eating different cuisine, all of it yummmmmmm, from the Poha in Maharashtra, to the Dal-Bati-Choorma in Rajasthan to the Parantha's (butter lagake) in delhi, the Momos and Thukpa at Leh, the Paneer pakoda's at Srinagar to the Rajma Chawal at Jammu.

Obviously, we took (mostly Su did, as I was doing the driving) a whole load of pictures, and a few are shared below. We have organised them into 3 sets. Bangalore-Delhi, Manali and Manali-Leh-and-back.

Bangalore to Delhi Beautiful Roads
Whoooppppeeeeeeee! What roads!

Mangoes at back of Truck
Raw mangoes to ward off evil??

Rain Ganesha
Rain gods welcoming us!

Expressway to Ahmedabad
Expressway to Ahmedabad

Manali Mangoes at back of Truck
Who wants to do some "side" seeing? ;-)

Flowers in Manali
Beautiful Gardens in Manali

Manali to Leh Scenic Roads in Kashmir
Scenic Roads!

Alien Structures
Alien Structures!

Barren Hills
Barren Hills

Beautiful Roads of Ladakh
Curvy Roads of Ladakh
Curvy Roads!

Blue Lake
A Surrealistic experience!

Empty Road
Vast stretches of emptiness!

Empty Road
A real Beauty!

Hill Village Ladakh
Wish I could like in a place like this!

Curved Roads Ladakh
Curves Galore!

Beautiful Roads Ladakh
Beautiful views!

Reflection Ladakh
Time to reflect on the path taken! :)

Scary Roads Ladakh
Scary Bends!

Scary Roads Ladakh
Hows that for a road!

Scenic Roads Ladakh
Some of the most scenic roads in the world!

Scenic Roads Ladakh
Just couldn't get enough of it!

Scenic Roads Ladakh
Beautiful Mountains!

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