10 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Goa

by Smruti Rao

Posted on 21st Apr, 2015

Couple in Goa Beach
Image Source - Ian D. Keating(cc)

Goa, a paradise on earth, is a true melting pot of cultures. With attractions of all kinds, Goa is an important destination in every tourist's itinerary. The magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendours of its temples, churches and old houses have made Goa a firm favourite with travellers around the world. Here are 10 absolutely must do things in Goa, in no particular order...

1. Old Goa Tour

Goa has a rich cultural heritage and old Goa has lot of churches, museums and art galleries which take you back to the Indo-Portugese times. Some of the must-visit places in old Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se de Santa Catarina.

Old Goa
Image Source - Lovell D'souza

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Image Source - Bernard Oh (cc)

2. Get high on Fenny

The Goa Cashew Feni, which is also spelled as ‘fenny’ is the local alcoholic drink of Goa. It derives it's name from a Sanskrit word meaning 'broth'.You can take a trip to the spice farm and taste various spices in the form of traditional beverages like kokum. In these farms , you can see how fenny is prepared from cashew apples and taste it in it's pure and unadulterated form.

Cashew Apples for Feni
Cashew Apples for Feni

3. Explore Goa on bike/Scooter

Goa has a quaint countryside atmosphere and lot of beautiful paths that run through paddy fields and small cottages.Driving through these beautiful roads is an experience in itself.You can rent 2 Wheeler's for as cheap as 200 rs/day.

Motorcyle in Goa Beach
Image Source - Jaskirat Singh (cc)

4. Stay in a Homestay

Homestays are best way to experience local culture and in a place like Goa , which thrives on tourism , there are so many options of homestays.Most homestays are old Portuguese houses with beautiful surroundings.These homestays keep the essence and cuture of goa alive.You can taste the authentic konkani dishes and explore the countryside with the help of locals.

Goa Homestay
Image Source - Jon Connell (cc)

5. Go on a Sunset cruise

The goan experience is incomplete without experiencing the music and dance of goa. The evening river cruise to mandovi is an amazing experience as you get to see the music and dance performances by the locals.

Goa Sunset Boat Cruise
Image Source - Gopal Venkatesan (cc)

Goa Boat Cruise Dance
Image Source - DDohler (cc)

6. Adventure activities

There are so many adventure activities you can try in Goa like quad-biking, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and dolphin and crocodile spotting trips.

Goa Paragliding
Image Source - Nilesh (cc)

Scuba Diving Goa
Image Source - DiveGoa.com

7. Party like there's no tomorrow

There's a reason why Goa is called the party capital of India. It has everything from jazz concerts to bollywood, cocktails in simple beach shacks to nightclubs. There is something for every kind of party goer. Tito's at Baga beach is the most famous and happening place in Goa for partying.

Goa Beach Party
Image Source - Tushky.com

8. Get a tattoo

There are so many tattoo parlors in Goa and many artists in markets and on beaches.You can get a temporary tattoo which washes off in a couple of weeks.

Goa Tattoo

You can also get your hair braided with colorful embroidery threads and beads by the tribal women who sit on the beach and in markets.

9. Sunset at Beach

One of the simplest pleasure of life is to watch a sunset, and your beach travel experience is incomplete without watching at least one mesmerizing sunset. Here are some of the beautiful sunsets in Goa :

Sunset at Baga Beach Goa
Sunset at Baga Beach
Image Source - Extempore (cc)

Sunset at Goa
A Truly Blissful Experience!
Image Source - Shashank Gupta (cc)

10. Monsoon trek to Dudhsagar

For people who love nature, adventure and photography, Goa is a heaven during monsoon. You can do the trek to the exquisite Dudhsagar waterfalls during monsoons. This is an easy to moderate level trek and there are 3 trek routes. Walking on railway track in rain with stunning view of the valley on one side and small waterfalls cascading from the hilltop on other side is an amazing experience.

Dudhsagar Falls
Image Source - Bhansali_hardik (cc)

Railway Trek to Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls views

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