Scorching Summer is here and the unabated heat sucks all the energy out of you. What better way to escape the heat and re-energize yourself than to seek a summer escapade in one of the beautiful mountains?

Trekking is the best way to enjoy mother nature in her pristine form. You can be away from all the crowded touristy places and soak yourself in the raw beauty of nature.

Here are three top destinations for your summer trek…


Even though there are mseveral routes to Kodaikanal from Munnar for trekking, consider the most scenic route is through Topstation, Koviloor, Bandaravu Mala, and Kilavara.

Topstation, from Munnar town is the highest point in the old Munnar-Kodai route. It is an adventurous route taking us through the dense forest, so close to the nature.

2. Thirunetty

Situated in Cherupuzha Panchayath, Kannur Dt. Kerala is a mesmerizing place to walk through. The season here is round the year.

Best known for trekking, Thirunnetty is a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and trekkers. Thirunnetty exactly is located at Josegiri village, at a height of 2300 ft.

It lies in the western ghat, in Kerala-Karnataka boarder near to Kudagu forests. It is suggested to trek in groups and wear dresses that are green or khaki.

3. Muthari

Muthari is a sleepy village situated 13 Km from Cherupuzha, in Kudagu Dt. Karnataka-Kerala boarder. The season here is throughout the year. You can go for trekking and farm visit.

The village is surrounded with serene and dense forest. Hiring a four wheel jeep is the only safe way to reach the spot. You will need a guide for trekking.

Tips before you go for Trekking:

  • Take a guide with you because the risk is too high in dangerous routes through forest.
  • Wear warm coloured outfits.
  • Use shoes with grip.
  • Carry Camera, Binocular, Food,Water Glucose etc.
  • Less-Luggage more comfort.
  • Also Carry, Sweater, Blanket, Muffler, Sleeping bag, Torch, Candle, Match-Stick, Cap, Sunscreen Lotion, Pain-Killer, First-Aid etc.
  • Avoid trekking if you are a Blood-Pressure, Heart or Asthmatic Patient.
  • Maintain silence and don’t litter the forest.
  • Enjoy the trip and cherish each moment.
  • Respect the culture and environment.

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