Hopping in the car, filling up the tank, cranking the tunes and hitting the open road. There’s nothing better than a road trip to get the adrenaline flowing.

Taking a road trip allows you to get off the beaten path and see actual communities and natural wonders, not just a train track or superhighway. Here are 10 hacks that would help you have a wonderful road trip!

1. Drive a well maintained car. You certainly don’t want to end up like this…

road trip essentials

2. Don’t carry your own food. Buy it local.

3. Don’t carry lots of cash but do carry credit cards that are generally accepted.

Road trip essentials

4. Try couch surfing (be judgmental) for easy and cheap accommodation. Even camping works well.

5. Don’t drink and drive…but do drink on the trip 🙂

6. Pack all season gear.

7. Carry a spare 5-gallon gas tank.

8. Depending on where you are driving, take safety precautions and find ahead of time, the things to know.

9. Get a gas credit card prior to save on gas. Try to buy Amex or visa type prepaid cards at lower price on eBay, etc. to save money.

10. Engage in community service on the way, if you are on longer duration trips. It adds immense value to your vacation.

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