As I approach midlife, there has been a great urge to come out of routine and explore the new and unknown. Much of my newly found fascination towards taking road trips to tourist destinations in southern part of India, can be attributed to it.

During last one and half years, I have driven to almost a dozen places: Wayanad, Pondicherry, Mangalore-Udupi, Bekal-Neeleshwar, Ooty-Coonoor, Goa, Gokarna, Mysore-Bandipur and Coorg-Madikeri.

My lovely little Santro has been my trusted companion during all these trips. The beauty is 8 years old but has been in excellent condition. She did not show any signs of hesitation/nervousness while negotiating the toughest hairpin bends of Ooty or while galloping towards long distance destinations like Goa, Gokarna and Bekal….:-)

All these travels have been with family (Couple + 2 kids). During all these journeys, I have referred to numerous travelogues to get the information about best routes, places to visit, best accommodation options, best time to travel and so on.

However, I myself could never take time and share the journey experiences so far. This is my first attempt at a travelogue! I can not provide as many details as those seasoned travelogue writers do but I would try and make it useful.

This is about the short vacation we planned to Madikeri starting 29th May 2015. The popular route to Madikeri is via Mysore but this time we decided to take the alternative route via Nelamangala-Channarayapatna-Holenarsipura-Arkalgud-Shanivarasanthe-Somwarpet-Madikeri.

We started at 6:45 AM from Electronic City, Bangalore. Took NICE road upto Tumkur road(NH4). The distance is about 45 km. It’s a tolled expressway.

Left NH4 and took a left at Nelamangala towards Bangalore-Mangalore highway (NH48). It was about 130 Kms drive to Channarayapatna where we exited NH48. It’s a 4-lane highway. There was not traffic congestion and one may easily drive at 100 kmph. One is likely to cover this distance within 2 hours.

En route to Channarayapatna, had to stop twice to pay tolls.

About 5 kms before Kunigal, we stopped to have breakfast at a restaurant named “New Ananda Bhavan”. We found it a decent place for South Indian breakfast.

I particularly liked their Onion Dosa. We found there are enough decent places to eat, on this stretch. There is a Kamath as well but it’s around 9 kms after Channarayapatna and one would have to travel extra 9 + 9(return)=18 kms if one insists on eating there while going to Madikeri….:-)

At Channarayapatna, took a left opposite Vijaya Bank to Holenarsipura. It’s about 25 kms stretch. It was a 2-lane road with less traffic. The road condition was good, we din’t encounter any potholes or bad patches.

Took a right at Holenarsipura. It was about 65 km stretch to Somwarpet. A 2-lane road again with a few stretches of potholes and bad patches. From Somwarpet, it was 15 km to Little Jungle Homestay where we stayed. We reached there by around 12:15 PM. Total journey was about 270 kms.

It was a decent property!(One needs to be careful however about choosing rooms that have waterproof tiled roofs. Some rooms have no waterproofing.) A coffee estate spread over 30 acres.

This was our second trip to Madikeri. This time we visited TalaKaveri, Bhagamandala and Raja’s Seat.

We returned via Mysore while coming back. It was a nightmare as we encountered heavy rains after we reached Mysore and had to face a lot of traffic congestion. Took us 8.5 hours while coming back!

Do you have any tips for a road trip to Madikeri? Let us know in the comments section below. Liked what you read? Share it with your friends!

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