There is a lot of useful and interesting information about Thailand on the internet but what attract most people about this country is its fascinating nature and islands. One of them is the huge and exotic Koh Samui.

Today we will speak about several facts about the Koh Samui so that your upcoming trip could be more productive and interesting.

Mistakes To Avoid In Koh Samui

Thus, first of all you need to learn some about this island before leaving. Among the top first-time mistakes to avoid in Thailand you will find the following ideas.

Buy sunscreen before your trip as you are going to pay a lot for it in Koh Samui. Don’t take too much clothes with you. Keep it simple and cozy like in any beach.

Avoid expensive means of transportation including the rent of jeeps as you can find them with affordable prices. Don’t eat too much Pad Thai even if you like it very much.

You are all end up with an unpleasant stomach pain. Don’t believe in every tradesman you meet. Running after sunsets make sure you don’t lose the chance to admire magical sunrises in Koh samui.

Choose the best beach beforehand not to complain at the end of your trip.

What To Do?

Make sure you know what you are going to do in Koh Samui before you may leave. You can have your own plan but if you don’t have any you may keep up with the following advices.

So, first think of the booking method as well as hotels and all the possible guesthouses. There are millions of offers and you need to choose the best according to your desires and pocket.

Second, explore the main attractions and try to visit all the interesting places. Third, plan your activities. There are many beach and sea activities to take part in.

The most popular and essential things to do in Koh Samui are the following.

Thai massage on the beach, spa days, Koh Samui shopping, cuisine and traditional dances, sunset and sunrise cruise, daytrip to the most popular parks, fishing and eating on the beach, beach running or hiking, golf and other kinds of sports and doing nothing because Koh Samui is a perfect place to relax even when you just gaze at the sea, sunset or stars.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui Questions

As a reminder here we share with you some Koh Samui questions that interest most visitors. Try to find answers reading the experience of other travelers and keep up with the best advice.

So, regarding hotels and villa rentals in Samui tourists try to discover the best places to stay in Koh Samui before they may arrive.

Then, they ask how to get around. There are several means of transportation you need to learn about. As for the budget many people are interested in prices of almost everything and luckily you can find answers everywhere on the internet.

Visitors share the prices even of the simplest things like SPF creams or food.

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