Fond memories of travel experiences are often cherished for life. They not only revive the dull spirit but also make excellent stories for you to share with friends and family.

Making those memories aren’t that difficult for there are several readymade tour packages that take the pinch off planning for a vacation.

Traveling to Andaman Island too is no different as an array of Andaman tour packages are available to cater to diverse travel interests and budgets as well.

Simply book a tour that appeals to you and show up to enjoy your vacation!

While most Andaman travel packages include visits to scenic destinations and a plethora of exciting activities, make sure that your travel itinerary covers the most iconic spots and unique activities that enhance the holiday experience.

Here’s a list of places and activities that can make your travel to Andaman more enjoyable and memorable as well.

1. Port Blair

The capital city of Andaman is the starting point of your tour of the islands. There are several tourist attractions in Port Blair, most significant being the Cellular Jail which housed exiled prisoners during the British rule in India.

The place through spruced up and open to visitors still revokes painful memories. The sound and light show here highlights the history of this jail and its association with the freedom movement. 

The Anthropological Museum in Port Blair traces the lifestyle and evolution of the local tribes, while Samudrika Naval and Fisheries Museum offers insights into the marine eco-system of the islands. Relaxing at the Corbin’s Cove Beach is indeed a great way to unwind.

2. North Bay Island

You are bound to revel at the beauty of marine life as you explore the waters of North Bay on the Semi-Submarine / Andaman Glass boat. 

This unique experience is indeed a treasured memory. Water sporting at North Bay is not only exciting but safe as well.

You can go snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving or even attempt to walk the sea floor to get a close view of the corals and colourful fish that inhabit the waters.  Of course the island is blessed with spectacular scenery as well!

3. Neil Island

Neil Island’s appeal is its pristine settings and quietude. The beaches here are inviting and refreshing.

Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Sitapur beaches offer stunning visuals of the Bay of Bengal. The island is also home to paddy fields and tropical vegetation that are a delight to behold.

The natural bridge-like formation is yet another point of interest on this island. Nature lovers will be thrilled at the richness of the terrain, which is also an ideal background for photographs!

4. Havelock Island

This immensely picturesque locale is the favourite haunt of couples on a romantic getaway. While the beautiful beaches offer adequate privacy for people who love solitude, they also double as hubs for water sporting activities. 

The white sands of this vast beach spanning a few kilometers bound by a forested hillock, contrasting against the shimmering expanse of blue are indeed an appealing sight. The Kalapathar Beach, on the other hand is lined by black rocks and hence its name.

Adventure enthusiasts are bound to enjoy their visit to the Elephant Beach, which is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving site.

The shallow site is particularly suited for novice divers who can simply wade into the waters to enjoy a tryst with marine life and see the live corals in their natural habitats.

5. Ross and Smith Islands

These twin islands with a narrow strip of white sand separating them are a pleasure to visit.

Clear pale blue waters on either side of the sand bar are great for a swim or snorkeling sortie. Ross Island still houses remnants of British colonial presence with grim structure entwined in vegetation presenting a haunted look.

The dense vegetation in the interiors however makes an excellent trail for nature walks. Though popular with tourists these islands are rarely crowded.

The stunning and tranquil pristine settings are also home to flocks of deer. Smith Islands with bare minimum tourist facilities is a wonderful spot to get close to nature!

6. Viper Island

Located just off Port Blair at a 20-minute boat ride across the water, Viper Island was indeed used to house prisoners before the Cellular Jail was constructed.

Remains of gallows atop a hillock and other ruins of colonial structures stand testimony to torture that inmates of the jail suffered. Legend has it that prisoners here were chained together and put to work in extremely inhuman conditions.

The only solace however is the natural beauty of this Island, named after the sunken ship HMS Viper, wrecks of which were found near the coast. Steeped in history and nature this place is a popular tourist spot.

7. Diglipur

North Andaman Island is home to the quaint town of Diglipur where tourists can get a firsthand experience of rustic rural life. 

Paddy fields and Orange orchards fed by Andaman’s only river, the Kalpong, are a visual treat.

This river also powers the sole Hydroelectric Project in these islands. Picturesque beaches – Lamia Bay, Ramnagar, Pathi Level and the Kalipur Beach which is a nesting ground for turtles are quite appealing.

Mud-volcanoes, interconnected limestone caves (Alfred Caves) and Saddle Peak (Andaman’s highest point at 732 Mts) are other natural attractions in Diglipur that draw visitors here.

The Islands of Great Nicobar, Little Andaman, Baratong, Jolly Buoy, Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, Harriet National Park and the different local museums are other major attractions that can make your Andaman travel memorable in different ways.

Romantic dinners at the many beach restaurants, sumptuous sea food, spotting a sea-cow or even the indigenous coconut crab simply enhance your experience.

Booking one of the Unforgettable Andaman Tour Packages however is bound to make sure that memories of your Andaman vacation stay etched in your mind for life!

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