North Berwick is a quiet beach town located in Scotland. It is less frequented by tourists and retains the old town charm and beach tranquillity. It is an ideal destination for a weekend road trip in Scotland.


North Berwick Harbour was built in the 12th century. The size and population of the town remained fairly steady until the 1970s, at which point housebuilding began in earnest.

North Berwick was listed as the most expensive seaside town in Scotland in 2006. Several of the Islands of the Forth are near the town and visible from it.

Reaching North Berwick

Edinburgh, a major holiday destination in Scotland is 1 hour away from North Berwick. Travel to North Berwick can be done using www. from major cities in UK.

Time to Visit

The best time to visit North Berwick is August. The town hosts highland games in August and the weather is warm and sunny.

All the schools in the town have teams competing against each other. It is a great time to both enjoy the town’s activities and spend time around the beach.

Edinburgh hosts the popular Fringe festival and Tattoo during that period.

Things To Do:

  • Boat trips to the Bass Rock, Fidra and other islands.
  • Scottish Seabird Centre – Visitor centre about seabirds found on Bass Rock and elsewhere.
  • North Berwick Law – A 613-foot (187 m) volcanic hill which rises above the town, with a Napoleonic era signal station. The whale’s jawbone “arch” at the summit collapsed in June 2005, and was eventually replaced by a fibreglass replica in June 2008.
  • Beaches – One of North Berwick’s main attractions, the beaches have golden sands and rocks, and a tide-filled boating pond/paddling pool on the East Sands.
  • Sea-cliff – This is located just to the east of the North-Berwick. This is a private and largely unspoilt beach and estate and you need to pay an entry fee to access this place.
  • Golf – There are two golf courses in the town, the West Links and the Glen, or East Links, and numerous others in the surrounding area. There are also two 18-hole putting greens and a Golfing Heritage Trail to follow through the town.
  • Tennis – Venue for the annual East Lothian Open Tennis Tournament.
  • The East Lothian Yacht Club hosts many national and international sailing events.
  • The John Muir Way, the East Lothian coastal path, passes through the town.
  • Tantallon Castle, a mostly ruined 14th-century fortress in the care of Historic Scotland, is 3 miles (5 km) east of North Berwick.
  • The Fringe by the Sea aims to be the best small scale, multi art form festival in Scotland, during one week in August.


The hotel rates will be in line with major holiday cities in UK. Day trip is possible to see highland games and visit the beach. Please plan hotel bookings well in advance in case you plan to stay overnight as August is a very popular holiday month in Scotland.

Things To Note

  • Please track weather closely and keep the schedule around North Berwick flexible to be able to visit on a Sunny day.
  • August is a very popular holiday month in Scotland. Please plan well in advance any hotels or tour bookings.

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