I am a backpacker who loves to go out during weekends with a bit of planning. Of course the main motivation for making a road trip is to be behind the wheel. I love driving and driving by the country side amuses me the most.

Here’s a list of things I need for a good weekend road trip.

Typically, my road trip plans are driven by the following factors, in the descending order of priority- my mood, the kind of guest I‘m entertaining and finally on how long I want be on the road.

In a given weekend, I would like to know easily reachable destinations around Bangalore and take out my car to enjoy my road trip. For me, the journey is more interesting than the destination itself.

While talking about the journey, it is always important to have information like distance & route to the destination, other point of interests, and the last but not the least is the information on eateries along the road.

For a family man like me, information on hotels or homestays in & around the destination, road conditions and emergency road side assistance service always come in handy.

In today’s internet age, people try to search for information like alternate route, gas station information, weather info, language people speak etc. to help them plan their road trips better.

Now the question is where does one get all these information from?

Well, the information is available in various social media forums, thanks to the good hearted travelers who have shared their experience in those fora, helping others like me.. But I have found searching and collecting all these info from internet very tedious and painful as information is unstructured and not always relevant.

The quantity of information is more, but the quality is questionable. Identifying quality information that is trustable is the biggest challenge.

Is there a simple solution to this problem?

Yes, if you too have a similar problem and always struggle to get information for planning your road trip, www.ezroadtrips.com is the savior you’re looking for.

Ezroadtrips is a one stop solution for all your weekend road trip planning needs and it promises you to provide all relevant information that you need to make your road trip a memorable one.

It not only helps you plan your road trip, it also provides tools to customise your plan and then share it with your friends & family.

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Pranjit is a techie who comes from beautiful north eastern state of India, Assam and made Bangalore as his home away from home. He is crazy about cars & loves driving.