First trek of the year! Hola 2018!

I wanted to tick off at least one trek before I left to Rajasthan and when opportunity came knocking, I uttered – I’M IN!!! We started as early as 5:00 am to Kanakapura and were greeted by beautiful sunrise on the way.

We arrived at the place and I did not even know the name (or any details) of the mountain we would trek. I asked the local guide and he pointed towards the mountain saying – Maribetta. The morning blue sky along with lush greenery around made a pretty picture.

Looking at the mountain (Mari – small, Betta – mountain), I decided it should not take more than an 1-1.5 hr for everyone to reach the top.

The trek starts off with an easy walk and slowly ascent begins. It’s mostly rocks along with cactus on the way till the peak. The summer seems to have arrived sooner due to harsh sun.

Trekking has found numerous fans in recent years and that is an encouraging sign.But the sad part is many of the beautiful trails have been defaced by littering and other prohibited activities.

Being one of the undiscovered places, Maribetta is peaceful (lack of crowds) and clean.We reached the peak (1226 m) at estimated time and with clearer sky, the views were enjoyable.

After relishing the moments of tranquility we started to descent in a different route. The descent was totally different from the ascent.

We battled our way through the thorns in the bamboo forest as well as passing via huge footprints of bears I believe ( made the trek more adventurous 😛 ). After a good 1.5 hrs we reached a nearby village.

Hidden amidst the bustling outskirts of Bangalore, MariBetta is a simple and beautiful trek 🙂

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