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Road Trips are more than just a way to get from one place to another.

The beauty of road trips is in setting your own schedule and having the freedom to deviate from plans as odd, fun or surprising roadside attractions and diversions pop up unexpectedly.

Here are some ways to make Road Trips fun.

1. Be Flexible

Don’t have a fixed itinerary, keep moving till the time anyone in the trip starts sleeping, stop then and there when somebody starts taking a nap.

2. Choose The Right Companions

Chose the companions very carefully, because your trip is more about being with them in comparison to exploring places.

The problem occurs when even one of them denies or contradicts any group calls and your trip starts becoming a disaster.

So take those persons along with you whom you are really very comfortable and vice versa, trust me more than 50 % of fun comes from there.

3. Take Breaks

Keep taking small breaks at beautiful locations and carry some group games like cards or something similar, have one mat or something similar that you can spread anywhere and sit and relax – this improves the participation of each and every member and retains the interest of everyone into the trip.

4. The Driver

Keep shuffling the driver and seats of everyone so that no one falls into true comfort zone and becomes lazy.

5. Conversations

Keep talking about the topics of common interest of all the travellers.

6. Pick The Right Group

Never ever take couples with you if you are single, that will totally deteriorate the trip, reason being the guy with his girl always keeps dominating because at the end he keeps caring for the choice of his girl which never matches to the mood of guys and at the end your mood gets fucked up.

7. The Stay

If possible wherever you stay try staying in the same room so that the bond between all the members remains the same and no pair gets such time to deviate and discuss ideas and part ways from you and form another group from the next day.

8. Food

Always ask everyone’s choices while ordering food and don’t simply do the analysis yourself and order particular things.

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