Havasu Falls is often confused with the Lake Havasu City. Both are beautiful water paradises, but it actually takes four to five hours just to get to the trailhead for Havasu Falls from Lake Havasu City.

Then, it is a ten-mile hike to the waterfall from the trailhead. It sounds like a lot of work, but the payoff from hiking to Havasu Falls is well worth it. Havasu falls known across the globe and has also appeared in many television magazines and show.

The bright blue, green water contrasting against the red rocks of the canyon makes for a truly awe-inspiring view. Havasu Falls lunges more than 100 feet into a wide pool of beautiful, clear water.

Havasu Falls a beautiful destination to visit on your way to or from Lake Havasu City, which even adds to an already exciting road trip.

Magnesium and Calcium carbonate occurs naturally in the waters that even feed the Havasu Falls tours. The water gets their blue color from the magnesium, in the water and as the pools deepen, the calcium carbonate is slowly released from the water which is even causing bluer water as the relative magnesium content increases.

As the creek originates from a spring, the water rarely deviates from the 70 degrees’ Fahrenheit year round.

Havasupai Campground

The trailhead is located at the Hualapai Hilltop just off Route 66 and is considered moderately challenging, but hiking to Havasu Falls Arizona is not difficult if you are in reasonably good shape.

Guided tours are also available if you do not want to venture it on your own. Havasu Falls Hike in an out in the same day, camping is also available and provides an excellent way to enjoy the serene surrounding.

The best time to visit Havasu Falls permit is in the late fall, winter or early spring.  During this summer months, plan to hike as early as possible to avoid the heat and be sure to bring lots of water.

At the 8-mile mark, you pass through a small Indian village where there are some of the necessary supplies.

Havasupai Lodge

If you are camping is not your thing, the Havasupai Lodge is a no-frills hotel offering basic comfort offering the two double beds, a private bath and the AC per room. No television, telephone or rollaway beds are available. Lodge information can only be obtained by phone.

Reservations are mandatory if you are even planning on visiting and hiking to Havasu creeks. The number of reservations granted is limited, so call ahead and lock down your spot before visiting.

Reservations are required whether you even plan to camp/stay in the lodge or hike in an out in a single day. The trail is downhill on the way in and uphill on the way out.

If you don’t have any reservations, then you will be charged double the normal rates, and this is Havasu Falls without the permit.

How to get to Havasu falls

The trailhead for hiking to the Havasu Falls begins at the Hualapai Hilltop. To access this area, from the Lake Havasu City go north on Arizona 95, then east on Interstate 40.

Access route 66 either by going North on E Andy Devine Ave/Route 66 in Kingman. From the Lake Havasu City to the trailhead I approximately 175 miles with the Kingman/Route 66 route.

There are no services of any kind which even includes the food, gas or lodging, although at times there may be drinks and snacks available from vendors. There is no water which is available for the hikers. Please don’t forget to bring water for the hike and fill up your tank with gas.

The parking lot is safe to leave your vehicle in, and there is also a night watchman patrolling the lot. Moreover, it is best to remove all the valuables from your vehicle as security is not even guaranteed.

Hiking to Havasu Falls

From the parking lot, the hike starts off steep and winds down switchbacks for at least a 1½ mile. The trail is rugged and rocky. Please wear well fitted and comfortable hiking boots and hiking shoes the trail carves through a narrow canyon as you also make your way to the village.

Havasu falls tours from las Vegas

Getting to the Havasu Falls takes a little planning as it even requires a long drive to the trailhead followed by an 11-mile hike. When it is not windy, you can pay $85 for a helicopter to take you in from the trailhead, but most people hike.

Only the experienced endurance hikers should do the whole thing in just one day. The best method is to stay overnight at either the campground or small hotel near the falls.

If you don’t even want to carry your gear, you can then arrange to have a horse bring it there for you while you hike.

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