Arunachal Pradesh is a relatively unexplored and mysterious land of the Eastern Coast part of Himalayas, with the beautiful Kangto Peak and Gori Chen range above the carpet of pine tree tops.

The state which is arriving somewhere from the Assam Plains along with the Tibetan border, it is also entirely a hilly state that lies on the ranges of patkoi and Himalayan and is also famously referred to as the “nature’s treasure trove”.

It is bestowed with rich cultural and biological diversity. It has limitless beautiful water sports, trekking trails and landscapes that need to be explored.

If you are looking to step into the world of extraordinary new experiences found nowhere on the earth then Arunachal Pradesh is the place for you, not only just because of its beautiful nature & environment but also with the different types of the festival in Arunachal Pradesh.

Brahmaputra Darshan

So, here is the list of festivals in Arunachal Pradesh:

1. Brahmaputra Darshan

Brahmaputra Darshan Festival is a very well-known festival which is famous Arunachal Pradesh. This festival takes place every third year at Roing.

The Brahmaputra is much more regarded as a masculine river in the northeastern part of India. The river is also worshipped as a God, and it symbolises peace, harmony and culture of Arunachal Pradesh.  

The river which originates from the Manas Sarovar, it flows eastwards and gives life to the state. Arunachal Pradesh offers the richness of the river in the form of harvest and crop.

The river is also popularly known by the name as Siang among the local people.  People from different social strata take active participation in this festival and add significance to the festival.

2. Khan Festival

Khan festival in Arunachal Pradesh is a significant event that is also an opportunity for the people to reunite. People from different economic, political and social background come together to take participate in this event.

This festival is mainly a Miji festival in Arunachal Pradesh. Miji is one of the tribes in the Arunachal Pradesh which celebrates the festival.

This is a religious festival where the priest ties a sacred thread around the hand and neck of the natives. The holy possesses some of the significant roles in the event.

The main specialty of the Khan festival is that people from different background and culture come and celebrate the festival, which shows a beautiful blend of heritage and culture.

3. Dree Festival

The Dree festival involves the sacrifice of eggs, fowls and animals to the gods. The gods which are worshipped at the time of this festival are Metii, Harniang, Tamu and Danyi.

This festival is celebrated to happy these gods to avoid any type of famine in society. This festival is a part of an Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh.  The Apatanis, reside in the valley which is called as Ziro.

In Ziro, every year a Ziro Music Festival also makes a boom in the North Eastern Part of India, which is famous in Arunachal Pradesh and the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Losar

Losar is a New Year of Monpas. Monpas that is one of the largest tribes living in the Tawang. The area of Arunachal Pradesh depends on the animal and agriculture husbandry as a source of livelihood.

This festival is celebrated at the last week of February, and the first week of March in the Buddhist temple called by the name as Gompa, it is also one of the famous Buddhist festivals in Arunachal Pradesh. 

This festivities period span between around 7-10 days. As a cultural part of this festival, houses are cleaned, lamps with butter are lit, people read scriptures, worship the god seeking protection, and old items are discarded.

At the time of this festival, people hoist religious flags atop their houses. This is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate this festival.

On the festive of Losar, Monpas dressed in the traditional look, sing folksongs, dance, indulge in merrymaking, and feast on local spirits. The dance on the Losar is a famous dance in Arunachal Pradesh.

5. Reh Festival

The Reh festival is celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh for around five days which appeasement of the deities who control the prosperity and peace in through.

This festival is mainly associated with the Idu Misamis and requires a sacrifice of buffaloes in huge amount. The arrangement of this festival has to make five years before the actual celebrations, as it is quite an expensive and elaborate affair.

6. Tamladu of Taraon & Kaman Mishmi

The Tamladu is a festival of the tribe called by the name as Taraon & Kaman Mishmi. It is celebrated every year on the 15th of February by the people of lower and upper Dibang Valley District. It is celebrated to make people healthy and wealthy.

7. Mongpa Festival

The Mongpa festival of Arunachal Pradesh shows the true tradition and culture of the state as well as that of the Monpa tribe. This tribe even follows the lunar calendar, and thus this festival is celebrated according to the timeline of lunar dates.

This festival is much more associated with the harvest and is celebrated to ask the favour of God on granting or his blessings for the better health of the crop.

8. Chosker Festival

Chokser, which is a religious festival of Monpas, the Lamas read religious sculptures for around ten days. Furthermore, the villagers carry the holy books on their back in a procession under the guidance of senior Lama.

The procession goes all around the cultivated fields which fall within the jurisdiction of the entire village. The primary significance of this event is to make sure to protect the grains from the insects and wild animals, better cultivation and also for the prosperity of the villagers.

Moreover, this festival in Arunachal Pradesh is performed in the month of May, after the cultivated fields of Jhum are prepared. The ritual even involves the suspension of all the outside activities for a definite period of time.

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