Have you ever seen a Gecko? I’m sure many of you have. Have you ever HEARD one?!

“Eh-oh. Eh-oh. Eh-oh.”

I never actually saw the Gecko, but always woke up to the sounds of these creatures that cannot blink. Most of them anyway. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness.

I”m in Bali. Ubud to be exact.

Welcome to my temporary home in the middle of Ubud’s serene paddy fields.

We spend idyllic afternoons swimming off the heat in the heavenly pool. With Shamu our very own dolphin 🙂

Love the friendly and helpful staff !!! They arrange everything from lunch at a local’s house to seeing the famous medicine man 🙂 That is an experience in itself!

We make sure to get our daily $10 massages at the several huts scattered throughout the villa grounds. When it rained, that was my favourite time. Imagine a full body massage to the soothing pitter patter of the warm Balinese rain outside. A massage with a view 🙂

The beautiful and spacious living room. We dance and sing here in the nights – one of our friends in the group bravely tries to enact the Kecak fire dance we had just seen that evening. That was…definitely entertaining and had us in hysterics!

We also spend one night swatting down a flying cockroach as the girls scream in terror. Our friend bravely climbs on a chair to swat it as it clings to the corner of the wall. He ends up falling, the crash of the chair freaking us and the cockroach out. The cockroach vanishes. Our friend survives.

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