Smartphone? Check. Spare Battery? Check. Power Cables? Check. So, after deciding which gadgets to pack for your summer vacation, then you can simply move on to harder, and more fun part, planning what you are going to do.

Now flipping through the printed travel guides and papers maps is a traditional way. Now the route planner app is far much more efficient at keeping your plans in a much more organised and easily accessible.  

Many of the frequent traveler, use the Google Maps, using a travel itinerary app and keeping some of the important notes in the digital spreadsheet.

Not everyone just likes to be in a much more organized trip, of course, some of the people may simply want to roll out whatever just simply comes their way. As at the end of the day, the primary goal is to have simply fun on vacations.

Planning a trip with the help of a route planner application may sound like giving up spontaneously. But in reality, it simply frees up the time that you would have otherwise lost whenever you are simply asked for, “What am I going to do today?”.

It can even help to reduce the family arguments about what to see next on a trip. And it still allows with some of the discoveries along the way.

So here’s a guide to using a road planner app for maximum enjoyment.

Building a Customised Google Map

Why just simply need to fumble around with a printed map when you can even tailor a digital one just for your trip? The Ezroadtrips is the best route planner app for Android and best route planner app for travel planning.

With the help of trip planner app, you use can even use the inbuilt Google Maps creator on the web and as well as on the smartphone, and look up points of interest like hotels and pin them on the map.

To make the pins easy to read, you can even color code them or mark them with the symbols, just like an icon of a knife for the restaurants, or an icon of bed for hotels as well.

There is also an option to add the notes to each point of interest, like a few words about the type of food which is served at a particular restaurant. You can also create the layers to organize your travel itinerary example, let’s say you create a new layer for each day of the trip.

After making your custom app, you can simply call it up or even mail them for your better convenience.

The main advantage of this exercise is that the visual context of a map can help you to plan each day around the proximity of points of interest.

For example, at the time of planning a trip to Taiwan, I created a layer for Day 1 and pinned a museum in the Northern part along with some of the fish market and restaurants in the area. After simply visiting the museum, I tapped on the nearest pin and simply loaded with all the directions to go for. With the help of this road warrior route planner, I visited all the things I wanted to see on the 10-day road trip.

In the olden days, when I used to go for a trip without the help of custom maps, I simply jotted down a list of places I wanted to visit. Each day, I simply wasted lots of time, cellular data and phone batter by simply figuring out which landmark to visit, and how to get there and what to do after that.

There is also another way by which vacation trip planner app custom maps save time. When your friends are visiting a country which has already traveled to and bug you for your “bucket list” recommendations, then you can simply email your route planner app for delivery drivers to your friends to view your map. This is a far more useful than sharing a list of places to go.

Managing Itineraries

Pulling up the itineraries can be a very hassle because as due to longer vacation, there are so many items to juggle up for the car rentals and hotel reservations for each city you visit.

The route planner app is best that automatically organize itineraries. You can choose Ezroadtrips, which is a free mobile app available on Android.

They can even help you to scan your inbox for the initiatories, hotel bookings, and then simply compile that information into an all in one itinerary.

Ezroadtrips has a simple interface that cohesively shows your trip information, this app is also available over the web application.

Here is how Ezroadtrips, fits into planning, let us say you create a separate email account just for the trip itineraries. After booking a car rental, you can even forward the confirmations emails to that email account.

And it gets attached up with the Google account to serve as a reference for where you are going to be.

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