So it’s summer vacation time. You must be planning a fun trip with your family and you definitely need some tips while you do so. It’s not the so called backpackers’ trip to just ‘pack and walk’.

You are taking your sweet family with you and everything should turn out good and fun at the end of the day. So here are 5 things to consider while planning the summer vacation trip.

1. Selecting the right place

When you select the place for the vacation you must be aware of the climate and other geographical features of the place.

Since it’s too hot in these months of April and May I suggest you to choose Hill stations or Backwaters because it will keep you away from the hot and humid climate out in any other fun flashing cities. It will definitely be serene.

2. Do bookings earlier

Since its holiday season almost every family will be planning a summer vacation trip and so many people must have chosen the same place as yours and if you don’t do bookings earlier you will definitely have trouble accommodating your family under a safe roof. And who wants to take chance with them, right?

3. Don’t forget the essentials

You have to have things that will protect you from the unhealthy climate conditions. Consider your health and pack things accordingly. Don’t forget to take Sunglasses, Cap, Sunscreen lotion, enough water etc along with you.

4. ‘Less Luggage More Comfort’

Pack less. Take things that are essential. Never even care to take something that you think ‘MAY BE USEFUL’ anytime. Such things are not going to help you handle the trouble with carrying your luggage from one place to another.

5. Beware!

  • It’s never safe to travel in the night in a place that is unknown to you. So get back to your rooms and settle before the sun sets.
  • I know I don’t have to say this but—never accept anything from any stranger. ANYTHING!!!
  • If you are travelling in group, take down the mobile numbers of other people in the group and securely keep it somewhere in your body or in any secret zips in the dress.
  • Take care of all the valuables (I suggest not to take any gold and such with you).
  • Take care of your family and their health so have a first aid box always with you.

Have fun and Enjoy!

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