Travel is one of the most intense experiences someone can have in their life-time; long-term travel more so. Whether you have chosen to live abroad for a lengthy period of time or are simply country hopping from airport to airport, everyone gets homesick at one point or another.

It may have simply been a long time since you saw your friends and family, or perhaps the soft allure of your own bed is calling your name. There are ways to combat the homesickness, though.

1. Craft a Routine

Every single day, upon waking up in the morning, you should create a routine to offer a sense of normalcy – no matter where you’re currently located.

If you keep your mind and body busy in the country where you are staying or visiting, then your mind won’t have time to wander to thoughts of being home.

2. Pack a Few Items From Home

Before your trip, be sure to pack a couple of items from your home that may remind you of it when the homesick feelings begin to strike.

Bring a family photo to place by your bed each night, or the candle your mother used to light each weekend, or perhaps a favourite blanket to snuggle with.

3. Skype Sessions

Skype is one of the most useful tools for any long-term travelers. Skype, a voice and video chatting service, enables the world weary the opportunity to interact with people from back home.

If you can have a conversation with your brother or your mother once per week, or even more, then the feelings of being alone and homesick will subside so much easier.

4. Eat!

Everyone loves food. It brings joy and really thrusts you into the culture where you are traveling. Eating keeps you activate and occupied, which leaves very little room to think about your home.

While traveling to foreign countries, enjoy some of the local cuisine whenever possible. You can broaden your horizons, find a new favourite dish, and speak of the local delicacies when you finally make it home afterwards.

5. Interact

This is probably the easiest tip for staving off the homesick feelings one may encounter while traveling long-term. A simple thing that most travelers will tell you is to interact with the locals.

Learn their life story, go dancing, enjoy some campfire stories, whatever the experience may be, enjoy it! The people of the world love sharing their culture and their stories with those willing and respectful enough to listen. Take advantage of that fact and broaden your horizons even further.

These are just five simple tips to fight off the homesickness one may experience while traveling the world for long periods of time.

There are, obviously, far more tips out there available to the budding adventurer, but these five will remain with you for the entirety of your journey.

Remember, there is a reason you are traveling across the world: to explore everything the planet has to offer and the many cultures and people who share this ground with us.

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